Frequently Asked Questions

Are they made in Australia?

Yes. We make all our Shoji Screens and Doors and associated joinery in our Brisbane based factory and ship Australia wide. We have been making Shoji Screens and Doors for over 25 years and they are “Australian Made” certified. Our Shoji Doors and Screens come with a 10 year warranty for the workmanship and construction.

What is the infill panel, is it Japanese rice paper?

No, we DO NOT use rice paper in the construction of our Shoji Screens and doors. The rice paper does not provide longevity and can discolour or tear easily. We use either our standard Polycarbonate infill Japan Rice or you can choose from our range of translucent acrylics.

Website link: https://shoji.com.au/shoji-screens-and-doors-design-guide/

What timber do you use in your Shoji Screens, is it solid timber?

Yes, all are solid natural timber frames. You can choose from our standard range of Tasmanian Oak or New Guinea Rosewood, clear lacquered finish or white or black lacquer finish.  We use 30% low sheen lacquers.

Our timbers are obtained locally and from sustainable sources.

For an extra charge we have a number of optional stain colours to choose from or we can paint or stain to colour match for you.

Website link: https://shoji.com.au/shoji-screens-and-doors-design-guide/

Can you make custom doors or are all Shoji doors standard sizes?

We make all types of internal doors and room dividers, hinged doors, wall face sliding doors, cavity sliding doors, bi-fold doors, wardrobe doors, fixed screens, freestanding bi-fold screens.

Each job is custom made to suit the finished opening of your project. Single doors can be made up to 3m high x 3m wide.  We also specialise in “create a room” using our fixed/sliding or bi-folding door systems. POA.

As our doors are custom designed we do not carry stock as there are too many variables – all are made to order.  We also supply all types of track systems to suit your application.

Website link: https://shoji.com.au/shoji-doors-technical-drawings/

Do you install?

Yes, in fact, we recommend it for our local clients as we are qualified and so you will be covered under our warranty for workmanship. Our dealership network throughout Australia can also provide installation.

Alternatively, we can arrange delivery for our regional or interstate clients Australia wide ex Brisbane. We have technical help via phone call to help with installations.

Do you measure, design and quote?

Yes. Though we can firstly discuss your needs by phone or email to provide an initial estimate quote.  If we are installing your Shoji Screens a site measure appointment is then included in the price.

Do your Shoji Screens provide privacy?

Yes. The translucent acrylic panels allow about 50% light but are also used for privacy.

Do you provide hardware such as handles, latches, locks, tracks, etc?

Yes, all as your request to suit your application.

Do your Shoji Screens suit décor other than a Japanese Screen look?

Absolutely. There are a range of design and finish options that can suit all decors and design aesthetics eg modern, contemporary classic, Asian fusion, coastal, scandi & japandi.

Website link: https://shoji.com.au/shoji-screens-and-doors-design-guide/

What do we need to do to get a quote for Shoji Screens?

Provide an approximate opening size height x width in mm and an idea of what you would like to achieve eg. how many doors and system type.

We can discuss the options with you and provide quotes on different options.

See our website link for examples of our Technical Drawings:

Website link: https://shoji.com.au/shoji-screens-and-doors-design-guide/

Do you have showrooms?

Yes. Each of our distributors, as per our website, have displays and can assist you.

Also, see our Brisbane showroom at The Build & Design Centre, 66 Merivale St, South Brisbane. They are open 7 days (excluding public holidays) and provide free parking

Website Link:  https://shoji.com.au/on-display/

Brisbane Showroom:  https://buildanddesigncentre.com.au/On-Display/shoji-screens-doors/

What lead time can we expect from a Shoji order?

Approximately 4 – 6 weeks at most times of the year. Some exceptions can be arranged.

Are Shoji Screens suitable for wet areas?

We regularly supply our doors as entry doors to bathrooms and ensuites.

Are the screens / doors soundproof?

Not soundproof, however they will reduce/muffle sound between rooms.

Demonstration YouTube video:  https://youtu.be/aFmtvYQDKLA

Can they be used outdoors?

Not recommended nor covered under warrantee as it is not a security item or weatherproof.

Must Shoji Screens have tracks on the floor?

Dependant on the configuration of doors, the size of the opening, your flooring type and what you wish to achieve. We have a range of options many are top hung.  For large Shoji Screens it is preferable to have a floor guide track.

Website link: https://shoji.com.au/shoji-doors-technical-drawings/