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Craft a seamless flow and define your living areas with our exquisite range of custom-made sliding doors and room divider screens.

Bespoke Solutions for Every Space

At Shoji Screen and Doors, we help our clients create a more open and versatile living environment. Whether you desire a dedicated workspace within your home or want to define a relaxing reading nook, we’re here to translate your vision to reality. We specialise in crafting bespoke sliding doors and room divider screens that seamlessly blend functionality with stunning design.

  • Enhanced Functionality:

    Our room divider doors are designed to divide rooms without sacrificing natural light or air circulation.

  • Space Customisation:

    Maximise the utilisation of your living area with custom-made sliding doors and divider screens.

  • Privacy on Demand:

    Choose our custom-made sliding doors and divider screens to create dedicated spaces for work, relaxation, or entertaining.

  • Unparalleled Beauty:

    Elevate your home’s aesthetic with bespoke room divider doors and screens that feature unique and handcrafted designs.

Room Divider Screen and Doors

Explore Your Options

We invite you to delve into the world of possibilities with our extensive gallery of projects. Discover how our sliding doors and room dividers have transformed living spaces, and envision how they can enhance your own.

Room Divider Screens

With our practical expertise and knowledge of the industry, we are proud to offer a comprehensive choice of room divider screens in Australia. Our knowledgeable staff, can provide you with advice and suggestions on the most suitable application and operating system for our screens and partitions for your home or office requirements.

Modern Room Divider Solutions!

 Request a quote, and we will show you how our highest quality modern room divider solutions, sliding doors and screens and Japanese screen dividers will be a beautiful feature and add value to your home or office.

Craft Your Dream Space

We’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and create bespoke sliding doors and dividers screens that complement your space and feature enhanced functionality.

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Hear From Some Of Our Clients

Lynda B

Just letting you know I really love my Shoji door.  Thanks again. Cheers.

Lynda B, Tugun, Gold Coast Q

May 2021

Peter M

Put the door up today.  Looks a million bucks. Cheers.

Peter M, Canberra ACT

May 2021

Leonida M

We finally got the doors up and OMG we couldn’t be any happier!!!

Just what we had in mind and most of all there is now a new beautiful room in the house.

We love walking pass these doors as it makes us feel like we are in Japan.

Damien my hats off to you for your amazing job – just truly amazing. Thank you!!!!

Also a friend saw the transformation of the room over the weekend and they were too were amazed, so you may have another potential customer in the future 🙂


Leonida M, Caves Beach NSW

May 2021